A dance for two…

Week 3 of the CID project saw us play together with the concepts of narrative and storytelling led by Casson and Friends artist Chloe Mead. We developed close personal duet material which we shared together for the rest of the group.

We connect through the body, senses and eyes. I learn about you. You learn about me. We play together.  Moving, connecting, smiling. The more we play, the more we understand each other. We begin to take risks, pushing the other with a sense of lightness and intrigue. Respect. We begin to bend the rules, finding our own language and code. Rewriting the rules to our very own game. We share an understanding. An experience. A connection. 

Play provides space for rich explorations and meaningful connections. I encountered a genuine sense of play throughout the session this week. It allowed me to connect with the other dancers with lightness and curiosity as we played together. Providing a safe space for personalities and identities to emerge within the room.

by Ella Fleetwood

Ella Fleetwood (Dance Collaborator for the CID Project) reflects on play as practice in the third week of the CID project

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